Athlon Rub is a Herbal Warmup and Recovery Oil based on a time-tested formula, enhanced with proven ingredients under the strictest guidelines.  Unlike most products on the market, Athlon Rub is applied on your skin, which is the bodies largest organ.  It is designed to enhance your warm-up, performance, and recovery from the outside in. Additionally, many of our ingredients have anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to help protect your skin from infections that plaque athletes and fester in training environments.  Our roots are from the renown Thai Oil which has been used for generations in the effective martial art of Muay Thai, aka Thai Boxing.  Thai Oil is used to warm-up the body to get muscles and joints prepared for extreme physical activity, which in turn aids in enhancing athletic performance and injury prevention.  In addition, Thai oil helps with soreness and with the recovery process.  

As a naturally derived, oil-based product, Athlon is designed to glide over, protect, and penetrate your skin. Our trans-dermal formulation leaves your skin smooth making it comfortable to wear under clothing. 

Athlon Rub is formulated under ISO guidelines within an FDA Certified Lab.  Additionally, we are third-party certified by Informed Choice to be safe, free of Banned Substances (PED’s), and operating under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to avoid cross-contamination risks during the production cycle. We are not tested once, we are tested multiple times for every batch. 

As your trusted supplier of Thai Oil, we ship worldwide and normally within the same or next business day.  


Under the FDA, most pain brands are classified as Counterirritants,  which produce analgesia by activating and then desensitizing epidermal nociceptors. 

  • Form: Most pain products come in the form or Creams, Balms, Gels, or Aerosols. Athlon Rub is a herbal oil/extract based closer to how the ingredients are acquired from nature.
  • Uses: Most pain products are designed to be applied after an injury/pain occurs only to a specific spot area. Athlon Rub is based on eastern practice and can be applied before physical activity throughout your entire body for injury prevention and performance aid. In addition, you can apply post physical activity for recovery or during sports therapy/massages. Our ingredients and formulation penetrate your skin quickly leaving your skin smooth; not dry, pasty, or greasy as other products that sit on your skin do. 
  • Appearance: Most products are uniform in appearance having a consistent color and viscosity. Athlon Rub is made from herbal extracts & oils which naturally separate when left still.  Athlon Rub is not emulsified with chemicals to be blended uniformly for appearance, it must be shaken before applied.
  • Temperature: Most pain products are either Cold or Hot depending on the marketing preference. Athlon Rub is warm to hot; heat intensity depends on the pre-warmup intensity, the humidity levels, area of the skin applied, the volume of product used, if indoors (AC) or outdoors, the intensity of the massage during application, etc…


  • Enhanced with Arnica, Turmeric, and Thai Plai (Zingiber Cassumunar – the main ingredient in Thai Herbal Ball)
  • Informed Choice Certified to provide Athletes added Assurances; every batch is tested multiple times
  • No Color (Yellow) Added – No staining for clothes, GI’s, towels, and sheets
  • Amber Containers to protect product shelf life from light
  • Made in the USA – inside an FDA / ISO Certified Lab 
  • Packages in a Shatter-proof, safe Container
  • Naturally Reduced Scent Intensity
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